COVID-19 Legal, Human Resources and Compliance

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General Resources

Shelter-in-Place / Stay-at-Home Orders

In response to the rapidly evolving shelter-in-place and business closure orders, AdvaMed is working with local, state and federal authorities to (1) clarify orders; and, (2) secure specific exemption text for essential medtech functions. We hope the following COVID-19 legal resources are helpful.

AdvaMed COVID-19 Legal Resources Staff Contacts: Chris White or Pat Fogarty

AdvaMed State Government Affairs Staff Contacts:

States west of the Mississippi River: Fielding Greaves

States east of the Mississippi River: Manthan Bhatt

COVID-19 Voluntary Front Line or Other Support Services Efforts

During the current COVID-19 health crisis there are several medically qualified employees providing voluntary front-line or other support services to aid the recovery process. AdvaMed has developed an example model policy document for consideration and voluntary use.  This document includes a broad-based example covering multiple areas (e.g., general guidance; HR & Insurance awareness; legal implications; acknowledgment form), which can be customized to address unique circumstances and to include company-specific items. 

  • *April 3, 2020 | AdvaMed Model Volunteer Policy Letter (Template)

Code of Ethics Compliance

Medtech manufacturers affirm the importance of doing business with integrity and continuing to abide by the foundational principles of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics as they respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance in the AdvaMed Code of Ethics is derived from various U.S. statutes and guidance, including the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute, which both very much still apply even during a state of emergency. The AdvaMed COVID-19 Compliance Guidance that follows below was drafted with the assistance of a robust group of member company compliance officers and is designed to support rapid decision-making in the context of the pandemic and mitigate compliance/corruption risks. 

AdvaMed Ethics Compliance Staff Contacts:
Nancy Travis
Ethan Gumpert

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